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Issue: POST / GET


Details: Getting the error message “Trying http post problem with request: no response”
We’re running espruino on a RAK5010 for a tracker pilot. We’ve checked connectivity to LTE and can ping websites, however when we try to initiate POST or GET we get the message “Trying http post
problem with request: no response”. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and can give us some advice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to RAK forum @StevenB .

Are you using our default FW or using Espruino?

If you are using Espruino, the best to ask will be the Espruino community. But if you think the issue is with the RAK5010, can you upload the RAK default FW then try to do HTTP connection?

Hi Carl,

Thanks for coming back to me.

We’re using Espruino and have been through the community there but are struggling to find any answers there to be honest.

We currently use JS for all of our (usually Node Red) for the hardware we deploy and had been looking for something simple to deploy in line with our current architecture - from looking at some of the RAK material it looks like this is based on C.

All we’re trying to achieve is to have the devices to connect with Azure and broadcast location periodically.

We’re using the hardware for a pilot with three household names however after some time working with the hardware we’re struggling to get traction with the POST / GET issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated


I have a little background with backends like Azure but if you have an endpoint with IP address, we should be able to send the data via HTTP post directly. Things are getting complicated with TLS enabled whichever approach JS, C, etc.

If you can give me an IP address HTTP endpoint, we can try to post the data.

Also, we can use MQTT as well. It should be supported by Azure but again TLS makes things complicated if it is enabled.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your reply. My colleague has shared an IP address where we can check:

There is no authentication required - you should be able to send json data to it ok. We can then check if anything has come through.

I wasn’t sure about sharing our Azure endpoint details on the public forum - but happy to share those privately if this would be helpful.


I sent a private message to you @StevenB