Power and Internet Outage


I had a power and internet outage and now when I go to explorer mine says that it’s offline. Do I have to do anything to make it come back online or do I just have to wait it out, if so how long does it usually become online?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi @Flacko ,

You might want to join our Discord server, you will find plenty of info and help there, 24/7.
Once in DM me, @magic1 and I can take a look it will be way quicker.

In short it might have had an issue, but in general you would not have to do anything, however no idea what the pawer outage might have caused.
Check the status of the LEDs on the antenna side of the device and if possible pair and run diagnostics, so we have something to go off from at discord or here if you prefer, but it will be less efficient.