Power supply killed RAK7258

Hi I recently received order 100740328894980 from Ali Express.

When I plugged in the device there was a loud-bang / small-explosion and now it doesn’t work.
I think the power supply was faulty and it took the gateway with it.
The power supply now has a rattle, like some loose bits inside which weren’t there before.

I have tried another 12v 2A power supply and the gateway will not power on.
What should I do next?

I was really looking forward to testing this gateway out as it looks perfect for my needs. :frowning:


Hello, John, Sorry to hear this expected thing. Can you email me [email protected] about your address and we should send you a new one. we also need you send back the failure one and we will do RMA analysis and release the QA report to you later.

That was a very kind gesture from Ken :slight_smile:

Good news - I did some further testing with a another different power supply and found the Gateway to be working!!

Turns out my first spare power supply has a 2.5mm plug but the gateway uses a 2.1mm plug. So no power due to the wrong plug. With a 2.1mm this gateway powers up ok.
So I think only the power supply blew up - no damage to the gateway that I can tell yet.

And so far this unit seems to be doing a good job. Though I’m finding that while the status/overview page shows all packets passing through this unit. The ‘packet logger’ page hardly displays anything.
Like its missing 80-90% of packets that are being displayed on the overview page.

I would love to get my hands on a 4G version too? When is that going to be available? Or can I slot a 4G module into this device myself?


Hi Ken,
As per my email - can you include a replacement power supply when I make my next order?
I want to buy another RAK7258.

sure, pls remind Nancy in email as well.

Hi Ken / Nancy, Please send me a replacement power supply. I’ve emailed many times. Thank you.