Problem in accessing the gateway

Hi folks,

I am very new in the field of IoT and stuffs. I was trying to access the gateway of RAK7244 using the instructions provided in the following link (RAK7244 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center. But I am not able to find any SSID named like "Rakwireless_XXXX ". Please guide me.

Appreciate your time and help
Thank you

Hello @iotguy and welcome to the forum!

Did you flash the latest firmware to the SD card? Is the card inserted correctly to the gateway (the pins should be facing up)?
Are the antennas connected? When powered up, are the leds (next to the SD card slot) flashing?
Also, are you using the adapter that came with the gateway?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your time!

Yes, the SD card was flashed with the latest firmware and I guess card is attached correctly (image attached).
The antenna and the GPS device is connected correctly and the green light next to the SD card slot is blinking.

Please note that I am using the same adapter that came with the gateway.

But still the Wifi connection is not shown on my PC.