Problem my RAk v2 ..thanks

Hello ! I have a problem with rak v2! I installed it a month ago and it fails to do witnes. Good location, neighbors are nearby, what’s the matter?



Oddly enough despite the status I am unable to reach it, could you diagnose it?
Or better yet pop to out discord and open a ticket for some real time support.


Hello ! can you try now maybe you can find it … thank you very much! it doesn’t produce anything for 2 months … it doesn’t make witnes

Hey @Madalinmdl ,

I just checked on it and it would seem its connection is not stable, has been re-activated by a validator many times over the past week or so. You really should diagnose it, it will tell us more about any potential issues.



Ok this one is good, as far a connectivity at the time. This is how it should work for a properly connected one at the time, you have also been market activated recently. Let it work as it is over the day, it should start activity.


81 / 5.000

but still I don’t understand why he doesn’t witness, and he hasn’t had any activity for 2 months.

can you help me with an answer? or I can forget about this miner … money thrown out the window

I had recent activity actually, seems you changed the location after.
Probably why you have not had a beacon yet, from what I can see you are removed from nearby hotspots and your beacons are not seen.
I am guessing you don’t have an outdoor deployment, correct?

I recently changed my location to be alone in the hex. I have a 5.8 external antenna and a 10 meter wire. do not witness! could it be a software problem?