Problem to add device to RAK7243 with Chirpstack

I’m using the RAK7243 with mDot. I followed your setup from -
When connected to The Things Network I can join (OTA) the mDot device and send packets as expected but when replace it to ChirpStack (test it with the built-in or one in the cloud) the device ‘join’ procedure failed most of the times (one time it succeeded…).
I can see that the gateway connected (few seconds ago :smiley:) to the server so the IP is OK and double check the keys.
Any idea?

You need to check if the devEUI and appkey configured on the node and chirpstack are the same.

The check method on chirpstack is as follows:
1.After logging into chirpstack, click on the application tab and click into the application

2.First check if devEUI is consistent with your node.

3.If devEUI is consistent, click to enter the node configuration page, and then click the keys tab to see if the appkey is consistent with your node

Thanks ZhuQI. Recheck that and the devEUI and appkey are the same in the node and the chirpstack. Still can’t join. Any way to debug it?

We have to debug by:

  1. If using the built-in loraserver, we need to determine whether the gateway points to the built-in server.
  2. If the gateway points to the built-in server, we need to check the log of loraserver.

  1. Go to the directory /opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd.
    2.Check if server_address in global_conf.json file is .
  2. End the lora_pkt_fwd program running in the background.
    sudo systemctl stop ttn-gateway
    4.Start lora_pkt_fwd to the foreground, you can view the gateway logs more intuitively.
    sudo ./lora_pkt_fwd
    5.Open another terminal and observe the log of loraserver
    loraserver use the command tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep loraserver
    chirpstack use the command tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep chirpstack-network

If you are not familiar with logs, you can send me the log of lora_pkt_fwd and the log of loraserver or chirpstack.