Problem while setting up RAK2245 gateway with RASPBERRY PI 3B+

Issue: problem while setting up RAK2245 gateway with RASPBERRY PI 3B+

I have RAK2246 LPWAN Concentrator version B and Raspberry Pi 3 model B+. With the help of balenaEtcher I flashed latest firmware from . Under RAK2245 firmware I see RAK7243_on_Raspbian_OS_V4.2.5_20200909.img file which is currently flashed in sd card. And rak2245 and sd card attached to raspberry pi 3 b+ model. When powered Raspberry pi 3b+ with cable it won’t show as access point in network.

I would like to know what is the issue and what are the process after we flashed firmware image in sd card and attache it to raspberry pi b+.

Please guide.

Can you check what you get when you:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

at the Pi’s terminal.

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Hei @baba_blacksheep

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Looking at your post it seems like bought the RAK2245 Pi HAT separately.
The firmware should be the same even though your link is not working for me.
If the flashing process went well and you have a working SD card, Raspberry Pi and RAK2245 there should be no reason to not see the RAK_XXXX access point.
Any chance you can attach an HDMI cable to check the boot up sequence.
Might be something went wrong during the flashing process.

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Perhaps clarify what you expect when you say access point with cable?

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Yeah power supply might be inadequate

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That too - but the “Raspberry pi 3b+ with cable it won’t show as access point in network” phrase sounds like it’s on Ethernet and the OP may be hoping that makes it show up on Wifi?

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@Hobo @nmcc Thanks for solutions.

When I powered raspberry Pi 5V/2A Power Supply Charger, Gateway work in Wi-Fi AP Mode. Where I was able to connect to it. While I trying to access it using SSH the connection went off after just entering login ID. I tried it power raspberry pi couple of times but it won’t show access point after that. Don’t know what went wrong.

SSID name was Rakwireless_XXXX

not shown last 2 bytes of your Raspberry Pi WiFi MAC address
@nmcc @Hobo

The docs have a tip on getting the AP to appear again after reboot.

Or reflash the card.

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ok i’ll try. Thanks @nmcc

Found it:

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That’s really not sufficient for a pi-based gateway; it might handle the average demand, but not the peak.

I’d use quality 4 or even 5 amp adapter.

Unless you have conflicts with a GPS, enabling the console UART is great for debugging, too, since that will work even when network interfaces don’t.

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Thanks @nmcc @Hobo @cstratton ,

Re-flashed SD card, powered with better adapter. I’m able to access gateway as access point and configured gateway, able to sent data from end node to TTN via gateway.

Thanks you RAK community for guidance!

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