Problem with rak612

good night I have a problem with rak612 button, I have loaded the firmware and could not finish the process, now the device is left with two lights on and I cannot do anything, how can I reset it to be able to load the firmware again, thanks.

Can you tell me what specific operations you did that caused it? In order to quickly help you deal with the problem.

Hi, I am following the manual, I press buttons 3 and 4 and the lights blink constantly, then I try to load the firmware and the result is the one in the photo.
It stays for several hours like this and then the same thing happens, it is possible to reset the device, in which case it is done.
Thank you so much

Hi @Gadell,

Can you please tell me the order number of this button? So that i can check whether it is RAK612 or RAK7201 V1 which are both 4key button.

Sorry, it’s rak7201, can you pass me the documentation for this device? Is it possible to reset it and load the firmware again?
Is this? .

Thanks a lot

Yes, it is. You can reflash it according to the pdf document.

I will see if I succeed, thank you very much