Problem with range of my gateway RAK7258

Hello all,

I’m have my RAK7258 868 mHz configuratend in TTN but I’m having some problems with range to comunicate with my 2 BSF LORA32u4 II. I have just the node about 3 meters from gatway with line of sight and I’m getting values of SF10W125, RSSI: -32 and SNR: 9.
The RSSI shouldn’t be lower for this distance?
I made some tests outside, and without line of sight I’m only able to comunicate with my gateway for a distance of about 40 meter.
I am quite disappointed with the results. In the past I made some tests with 2 ESP32 Heltec Lora 433 mHz and I was able to comunicate within a range of 300 meters withouy line of sight.
In RAK7258 I’m using the antenna that cames with it and for BSF LORA32u4 II I’m using na antenna with 19,5 mm with 5bB gain.
Can anyone give me some suggestions about things to check to help solve this?
I’m no sure if it’s a problem with antennas, or with my 2 nodes 32u4 or with my gatway…
I’m considering to buy a better antenna for the gatway but is becoming dificult to put more money in this…
I’m using OTAA activation, should I test for ABP?




Can someone help me with this?

Thank you

I am having the same gateway, but i am able to achieve a couple of Kms. So i thank the problem is with the node that tour are using especially its antenna. i am using Pysense and its works fine

hi Joseph,

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I have tested with 3 different nodes and I have always the same result. But I’m trying to test with new antenna…