Problem with TTN webhook api key containing characters not allowed

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  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631, RAK3372, RAK11200, RAK11310, RAK11722?
  • What firmware are you using? (RUI3 or Arduino BSP or other IDE (e.g. STM32CubeIDE)?
  • What firmware version? Can it be obtained with AT+VER=?
  • Computer OS? (MacOS, Linux, Windows)
  • What Computer OS version?
    Sonoma 14.5
  • How often does the problem happen?
    First time
  • How can we replicate the problem?
    Parameters β†’ Lorawan Keys , ID, EUI β†’ Application Key β†’ Apply an App Key with dots
    I’d created the webhook api key in TTN, the key includes dots between the numbers and characters, api key is too long.
  • Provide source code if custom firmware is used or link to example if RAKwireless example code is used.

Welcome to the forum @teciot

You cannot use dots in any of the LoRaWAN credentials, they are pure numeric.

API key for webhook has nothing to do with the AppKey.

  • AppKey is for LoRaWAN join request of a device.
  • API key is for communication from TTN to a web server.
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Thank you thank you so much for the clarification, during my set up process I lost the DevEUI and AppKey and I confused it with the API key generated to connect the webhook. After reading and re-doing all steps I was able to successfully connect my field tester, now it’s time to fully understand the metrics obtained with this device.

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