Problems joining Rak 7431 with Mikrotik gateway

Hi, I’m new to Lora connections. I am trying to join a 7431 rak to my Mikrotik gateway. But I’m not getting it.
Please, Can someone help me? Attachment of reported errors.

those AT command are old i think , you might want to refer to the docs for the new At commands

Hello @swissnet
Can you share which Network Server you are using? Please double check that the DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKEY are correctly filled in the application.
Yes, @JayjJay is partially correct the prefilled AT commands in the RAK Serial Port Tool are for other RAK end devices, please use the AT commands for RAK7431.
Also, the RAK7431 Quick Start Guide may be useful :slight_smile:

Thanks Velev, I will be following your recommendations.

Thank you JaviJay I will be following your recommendations.

Hi, Velev I still haven’t been able to upload data to TTN with the rak7431. I have had a breakthrough, and my gateway sees the end device. I attach screenshots, maybe you can help me.
Thank you.

Hi i noticed your RSSI is low and erratic are you far from the gateway? or is there a problem with the antenna on the node?

Hi Jay, do you think an rssi of -60 is low? What rssi should I have?

no i’m not saying that but looking at your screenshot i see a lots of CRC error and an erratic RSSI which is not normal… hence why i asked to check your antennas .
BTW i had a similar behavior once and it turns out the antenna was unscrewed from the side of SMA cable so the wire wasn’t even touching the antenna that was secured in its place.

see the picture below:

i circled the part that was unscrewed in my case.

Thanks for your prompt response Jay, so far I am using the integrated antenna of the mikrotik gateway. The end device is 5 meters away with full line of sight.
mk Lora

@swissnet did you solve the problem?