Problems with 2 Miners

Hi,i have 2 RAKs (1xV2 and 1xGold Edition)

One (V2)runs since 2 Weeks well,but today the Witnesses drop from 102 to 78
and receive no more beacons

The second one (Gold Esition)is new and a few kilometers away.Its syncing since 3 Days.Helium App shows online/syncing.We have to power our House down for repair.After starting is the miner in Helium App offline,in Hotspotty online.What is now right?And whats the Problem with the dropping Witnesses?

@bseppo1 ,

Seeing how you have a gold miner you should have gotten an invite to the Discord, I would suggest you use it to resolve such issues in the future.
As for the current one. Hotspotty is delayed, trust only diagnostics you run directly via pairing.
The witnesses dropping is probably a network issues, if there were a fault with the miner hardware there would ne no witnesses at all.


Interesting I have a rak 2 and simply moved the box over so I powered it down for a bit. Upon turning it back on all the diagnostics checked out just fine. It shows online in the pairing the correct Ip I check port communication all good. No earnings for 10 hrs? Did something change?

My english is not so good and the translation tools are terrible.What can i do that the RAK gold became online?