Problems with my Rak V2

First let me start off by saying if this is the wrong place to post this I apologize. There is a better place for me to post it please let me know and I will.

Issue #1: Port 44158 keeps closing. I have the port open. UPnP disabled. reserved. It will be open for a day or so. Start syncing and then close again. I have had it on 3 seperate routers. Two different ISP and it keeps happening. To a not so educated person types of things like myself it’s really starting to seem like the problem lies with the hotspot. I enabled DMZ but I’m not sure if it’s working yet or not because now I’m dealing with issue #2

Issue #2: Besides the issue with the port closing. For the past couple days I’ve been having an issue where it seems like the API forgets my listen address. I’ll go to bed and wake up and will say "your hotspot has a different listening address than the one listed in the helium API. This has been happening for the past three days. Ones everything is back to regular it’s literally the same. Nothing changed. I’ll attach diagnostics

Setup: POE with gigabit splitter and injector


Details: Everyone has directed me to the Rak discord to open a ticket. Which I did. I got completely ignored. which is frustrating because these hot spots are not cheap and we wait a long time for these. I really hope to get this figured out. It’s reaaaaaaally frustrating.