Proccess Concentrator Data

Hello Everyone,

I’m facing a little problem and would like some guidance if possible. Also, because I don’t think this is exclusively from the RAK2247 (module that I’m using), I’ll ask the question here.

Currently, the RAK2247 forwards every message to TTNv3 backend and it works like a charm, no problem. But, if deploying to an area with limited connection and lots of nodes sending data to it, it would be good to read and preprocess them before sending it to TTN (or any other backend service), for example, only send data if the temperature is above or below the accepted range.

I’m looking if it is possible to read all but only forward specific messages to TTN, not all of them.

A common enough question on the TTN forum with people trying to figure out a scheme to do that, it’s not a trivial change to the packet forwarder but it would be in breach of the TTN use policy so it usually goes no where.

You could run Chirpstack on your gateway and then have it send the data.

Or maybe there is sufficient coverage in the area and you don’t need to put in a gateway?

I see, so it cannot be used with TTN.

Chirpstack has to be managed locally, I’m looking for something like TTN, cloud-managed, but with the possibility to handle some activities in the gateway before forwarding them to the cloud. Do you recommend something to do this?

You could put a filter on the gateway and use a cloud hosted version of Chirpstack or TTS OS.