Program the 'RAK811 Breakout Module' to connect a humidity sensor (Vegetronix VH-400) and turn on an LED

I am using the RAK811 LPWAN Breaout Module US915 with the RAK7243C Gateway and I am using AT commands to connect the RAK811 nodes to the RAK7243C gateway with the RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL. I am using the RUI online compiler to customize the firmware of the RAK811, but I cannot find examples like connecting an external humidity sensor (ADC) and turning on a led for example in / master / based% 20on% 20RAK811.
My question is if there is a possibility that the RAK811 module will be damaged if I do not correctly program the files that I show below?

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Very unlikely unconnected

Very likely if you physically wire things in a way that a GPIO command causes a short circuit.

Hi @dfguaman3,
As @nmcc said you can’t damage the module by wrong programming. The worst that can happen is that the device won’t work or will work strange if you mistake something in the code. But be careful with connecting the wires.

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