Programming and custom code

Hi all.
I´m new to RAK5010, and before bying, trying to understand the stricly necesary to use, debug and program with custom code the module.

In the quick start guide, is not clear if the module brings with a bootloader ready.

Also, wich are the options (eg programming languages) than can be used. I suppose the SDK of Nordic is an option, also Micropython (in that case I need a Jlink hardware?), Arduino?

Can the module be flashed using USB/BLE or UART / USB converter?


Blue box half way down the page:
First paragraph:
Using BLE:


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Thanks Nick.
I´ve read previusly those documents.

Still it´s not clear.
When the RAK5010 is first time powered, clearly I can check logs, and send AT commands, well explained in the quick start guide.

But, in order to make a custom code, do I need to “burn” a firmware?
Or just, code and “upgrade” a firmware?

In case, using RUI, the new firmware is just an upgrade of the default burned firmware?

It’s sligtly different (I think).
Thanks again!


You want to recompile your firmware, right?

Burn / upload / upgrade - all the same thing.

You use the templates provided on GitHub to write your code:

You then use the online RUI compiler to compile the code

This gives you a bin file which is firmware which you then use the firmware upload tool to upload to the 5010 - it still does the AT commands but will also run what ever extra code you have added.

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Thank you very much Nick.
I’ll try templates and give feedback.

Regards. Ramiro

Can we burn custom firmware to RAK5010 using Arduino IDE?
I tried it and it is requesting nested dependencies.
any straight forward example available.
Please help!!!