Programming RAK4630 with Visual Studio or Segger Studio

I have only RAK4630 instead of RAK4631 with WisBlock Base Board. What is the minimum configuration (as a base circuit) to program RAK4630 over USB with Visual Studio or Segger Studio.

Is the following design enough for that purpose, I mean for the programming via USB?


Welcome to the forum,

First let me help you in some points:

  1. The family RAK4630, today can be configured by bootloaders in the differents products:
    1.1) RAK4631: compatible with Arduino BSP: RAK4631 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center
    1.2) RAK4631-R: compatible with Rak User Interface version 3 (RUI3): RAK4631-R WisBlock LPWAN Module | RAKwireless Documentation Center

My suggestion is to begin with VSCode with Platformio: Installation of Board Support Package in PlatformIO | RAKwireless Documentation Center

We can help you later in your journey if you need.



Thank you for your answer Claudio,

Actually, I don’t want to use the module with Arduino. I would like to use it with nRF5 SDK since I think it would be more native. It is eventually an nRF52840 chip inside it.

So, my question is if the circuit that I put above is enough to program and use RAK4630 via USB. I don’t have RAK4631 yet.


A little more of detais :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  1. The RAK4631 is a group solution, where you have:
    1.1) One micro-controller Nordic nRF52840
    1.2) One Radio Semtech LoRa SX126x
    1.3) One Radio Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

If you want to test different kind of sensors, I recommend that you try the Wisblock, where you have motherboards like a RAK19007 (new version of RAK5005-0) where you can select, for example, a solution for a soil moisture: RAK12023 WisBlock Soil Moisture Sensor Connector Module

This is not an answer to my question Claudio, thanks anyway.

You circuit should work. I strongly recommend to make the SWD pins accessible.
You will need to flash your Segger specific bootloader and that might work only over SWD/JLink.

Thank you Bernd, I’ll do it :+1:t3:

Hello Haddi,

I have the same problem. The SWD connection is already established.
I will use a 4630 but code with native sdk. My custom board will not have a USB connection.
Which library are you using for the SX126x?

Hi Sebastian,

For now, we have just succeeded in uploading the Arduino code with the above circuit. At least, that’s what the IDE of Arduino claims. We haven’t performed any application yet. But our final setup will be with Visual Studio or Segger Studio software instead of Arduino. We plan to use the native nRF5 SDK deployed by Nordic if possible. But definitely, I will share the results with you guys. I will be very pleased if you can share your future experiences on this topic.