Programming the RAK 4630 using Quantum Leap's QP real time embedded frameworks

@beegee, I think this is probably aimed at you my friend…

Not entirely happy with the big loop approach to programming the RAK4630, I’ve been looking at embedded frameworks and specifically using the Qunatum Leap’s tools set (

I believe that the CPU is an ARM-Cortex processor, and so using the FreeRTOS framework it should be pretty straight forwards

Have you (Bernd in particular, or anyone in fact) had any experience with using this?

Hi Bill,
I agree with you, the Arduino loop approach is not the best. I started (but far from finished) an event driven approach where the loop() is basically sleeping and waiting for an event (IRQ or timer triggered) => GitHub - beegee-tokyo/RAK4631-Quick-Start-Examples: Approach to separate LoRa(WAN) and BLE handling from user application
This approach tries as well to keep all the LoRaWAN stuff in the background, the user doesn’t have to handle (most of) it. LoRaWAN setup is possible over AT commands or over BLE (My nRF52 Toolbox). I am using this already in any test app I am writing nowadays, but I am running short on time to work on it and finish.

I didn’t look into Quantum Leap’s tool set in detail. Just looked into their Github repos and found qp-arduino. But it seems it supports only SAMx and AVR MCU’s. If I find time (maybe next weekend), I will have a look into it.