Programming the RAK11720

Hi RAK Support

Just received the inital batch of RAK11720 and had them soldered on an RAK3172 Production Board

Applied power to the board and tested voltages on the RAK11720

Pin 24 - VIN - +3.3V
Pin 22 - nRESET +3.3V
Pin 21 - BOOT No Pull Up or Pull down (as per reference schematic)

No serial comms and no BLE

How are the devices shipped - with or without program ?

Kind Regards

Paul H

Hi @dingoxx ,

RAK11720 should have an RUI3 firmware on it when shipped.

However, you can try this guide I created few months ago about RAK11720 recovery - How to Recover RAK11720 Module on Faulty Custom Firmware and Not Responding to AT Commands - YouTube