[Project] Python utilitiy for configuring RAK7200

I was getting tired of all the cutting and paste of updating the configuration of my RAK7200s after a firmware upgrade. So I wrote a python utilitty rak7200_config.

Besides being able to run commands to configure the RAK7200, it has a mode to monitor the console.

It’s still a work in progress, and I’ve only tested it on macOS Catalina with homebrew so far.



Looking forward to your sharing!!!

Hi @jchonig,

That’s a good idea about this tool.
We’ll try to use your tool on our modules/products. Looking forward more about it.
Thank you!

BTW, this topic can be a special topic which is used for everyone to share and discuss about this useful tool. I’ve changed the topic name by adding a flag [Project].

Thanks for marking it as a project.

If it works with other boards, I might have to rename it… The only nodes I have to try it on are the RAK7200 as it won’t work with the RAK811 tracker boards as far as I know.

Yes, i think it can be used for all RAK modules/products like RAK811, RAK7204, RAK4200, and so on, because the AT command for them are almost same.