Public Network Mode

Hi, I would like to understand the Public Network Mode.

I am using RAK3172 and gateway RAK7268V2. I can see both have this Public Network Mode configuration.

AT+PNM on RAK3172
LoRaWAN Public on RAK7268V2

Please, what does this mode mean exactly, and when should it be enabled?

Thank you.

Hi @IGtti ,

Public network mode sets your Syncword to 0x34. This is the standard sync word for public lorawan networks. If you are not building a private network with custom sync word, you should set this on by default.


Hi @carlrowan ,
Ok, clear.
Any problem on leave the Public Network Mode set also for private network?

Hi @IGtti ,

If you say private network like deploying your own LoRaWAN Network but uses same sync word used on public network, then there is no problem to that. Although using different sync word adds layer on what device can go to your network, it is not required to be different. To add to that, if you use same sync word as public network, you will have no issue roaming to public network if you decide to roam or to use packetbroker of TTI.

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