Published an article about the Meshtastic Starter Kit

I recently starting writing and making videos all about Meshtastic and I have just published an article about the RAK Meshtastic Starter Kit Please take a look

Welcome to the forum @MeshAbout

If you want people to read it, you should make it public.

Thanks :wave: , i’m not sure why you are getting that error, i have just clicked the link from two devices, one on wifi and the other a separate cellular network and the link resolved both times? Can you possibly please check if you get a 403 error across the whole MeshAbout site?

I went to the root and it is loading.
Just this article was not loading.

On a second try, it is loading now. Maybe my overprotective company installed protection software had a problem with it.

And bummer, we just updated the Meshtastic Starter Kit :rofl:
It offers now more bundles for the different device types of Meshtastic:

But thanks a lot for the nice article.

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Thanks :+1: Will update it accordingly

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