Pullup/Pulldown resistor not working in RAK811 as inputs

I initialized PB14 (PIN3) and PB15 (PIN4) as follows:

Switch_One.pin_num = 3;
Switch_One.dir = RUI_GPIO_PIN_DIR_INPUT;
Switch_One.pull = RUI_GPIO_PIN_PULLUP;

Switch_Two.pin_num = 4;
Switch_Two.dir = RUI_GPIO_PIN_DIR_INPUT;
Switch_Two.pull = RUI_GPIO_PIN_PULLUP;


The inputs initialized correctly as inputs, but the pullups seems to be not working because getting random readings when the pins are floating. Checking with a multimeter between ground and the I/O pin shows a floating random voltage, never VCC.

Changed the setting to RUI_GPIO_PIN_PULLDOWN gave the same results, random reads if pins floating. measured again with a multimeter, never gets 0V.

RUI v3.0.0.12.H.T4
Bootloader Version:3.0.2

hi @mmelo, We also found this problem, the pull-up and pull-down resistors do not work, the effect is “No_Pull”.

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