Pure LoRa on RAK Gateways

Is it possible to use the LoRa Gateways for “pure” LoRa without LoRaWAN Mac?
We want to implement our own MAC layer into the application in order to be able to send data with a reduced overhead.
We’re currently looking at:

  • RAK7249
  • RAK7271
  • RAK7371

Hi @manu,
did you find an answer to your question?
I wonder whether I could use RAK7371 via USB on Linux for custom peer to peer LoRa packets (without LoRaWAN).
I could attempt to connect SX1262 or similar transceivers via SPI, but I would prefer the form factor and USB interface of RAK7371.

Welcome to RAK forum @znarmoz719 ,

SX1262 is SPI and not USB interface.

The closest I can think of on your requirements is to use WisBlock modules.

If you want something in enclosure already, maybe the RAK10701 hardware can be repurpose for that. It has a stronge case and in USB C connector plus with GPS and touchscreen LCD.

You can send standard RUI3 AT commands to it. You can easily create python script to abstract the AT commands that you intend to use in your application.

As a bonus, you can even create your own firmware or customer AT commands to it.

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Hi @znarmoz719

We ended up using a raspberry pi with an SX1303 shield, because it was easier. But I think if you have the resources, you of course have the better hardware (antenna, etc) with the RAK devices.



Thank you for your replies!

RAK10701 + AT commands (AT+NWM=0 for peer-to-peer LoRa, AT+PSF=...…) looks like what I need