Python interface to Rak7268

Hope that someone can put me on the right track. What is the easiest way to interact with lora communications using python on Rak7268?

What exactly are you doing, and what sort of communication are you wanting to interact with?

If you are intended to use LoRaWAN, then you should point the RAK7268 at a suitable LoRaWAN server - either something public like TTN, or chirpstack in the cloud, or the early version of Chirpstack (still called LoRaServer) that can be run in the gateway itself. You then read the documentation on how to interact with the server software via python.

If you want to interact with raw LoRa traffic in some other way, then first you need to understand what the gateway hardware can and cannot do, and the radio regulations applicable to LoRa traffic in your location. Then you probably want to read the UDP protocol documentation in the Semtech Packet Forwarder repository on github, and implement something that speaks that in python. Run the python process on the gateway or elsewhere, and configure the gateway to operate as a classic UDP packet forwarder pointed at wherever your python program is running.