RAK 11310 Is this a normal sound?

I purchased a couple of the wiscore 11310 to send temperature data over lora to another device I made into a gateway which happens to be another 11310.

I used micropython to try out sending lora payloads but I noticed a quiet, high pitched sound coming from my board during transmission, which does not happen on my esp32 heltec lora board with the same sx126x chip.

Any clue as to why this noise happens?

Welcome to RAK forum @Dtuando ,

The high freq sound could be from some harmonic frequencies in the board that is in audible range. Can you share me the firmware file? Maybe UF2 so I can validate it on my RAK11310 module…

The u2f is from this page v 1.20 the latest release stable, not a nightly build.

I just realized this was for the pico board, works for my rak11310 maybe by luck?

Hello Derek,

What is the WisBlock Base Board you are using? Is it a RAK5005-O or the newer RAK19007/RAK19003/RAK19010 versions?

On the RAK5005-O there was an audible sound from the DC/DC converter when drawing higher current. This usually happened when sending large data with the maximum transmit power over LoRaWAN.

Thanks for the quick replies from the RAK team,

I have the 19003 board

Thanks, can you check which version of the RAK19003?
It is printed on the PCB, close to the battery connector.

In general the sound is a know side effect of drawing high current and is not a problem for the board itself.

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Version B

Ok thank you for your reassurance!

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