Rak 12039 particle sensor data via Lora

I am using the wisblock 4631 and particle sensor Rak12039. Is there a sketch already made to output data via Lora Meshtastic? I need to have a data visible in the Meshtastic app.

We have example code for the RAK12039 but not specifically for Meshtastic. I am not sure how it would fit into Meshtastic (not maintained by us).

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I am learning The Wisblock as I go. How does the 12039 output the data? Do I need to add a screen to the Wisblock to see the data?

The RAK12039 has an I2C interface and you read the data as shown in the example code.
Then it is up to you what you do with the data

  • use a display (e.g. RAK1921) to show them
  • send them over LoRa P2P or LoRaWAN
  • just print them over the USB port (Serial.printf(…))

I don’t know how to do, but I guess you can send the data as well through the Meshtastic network