RAK 18060 Problem with software volume control

I followed exactly the steps from RAK tutorial.
Code, libraries and sound example untouched ,latest version and out of your repository:

RAKwireless-Audio-library/examples/RAK11200/PlayBackFromSD at main ·…

Hardware configuration as following accordingly the example

I rebuilt my RAK 18060 Audio Amplifier (E469747 Version A) back to be powered over the local battery and not over external battery. So everything is out of the box.
The same behavior if the stereo amplifier is powered over a external 5V Power source , following the description, the output level is not adjustable and always at maximum.

The music plays, but the command on line 102
rak_audio.setVolume(6); //The volume level can be set to 0-21
has absolutely no influence to the output volume, no matter what you set, the audio level is always on the maximum.
By compilation i get some warnings about deprication, but build and upload works fine.

I2S_COMM_FORMAT_PCM attribute((deprecated)) = 0x04, /!< I2S communication format PCM, correspond to I2S_COMM_FORMAT_STAND_PCM_SHORT/
The audio library is latest version out of your GitHub repository.

Many thanks for your support, i run a little out of ideas and options.
Best regards Peter Kuemmerli