RAK 2245 +Rpi 3b+ Gateway disconnected to TTN v3

Hi all,

I am relatively new to LoRa, I was connecting my first gateway to TTN v3 by using RAK2245 Pi HAT with Raspberry Pi 3b+. I’ve followed the Quick Start Guide very carefully, but still shows disconnected status. Nothing in Live Data box.

I have also searched on RAK forum and TTN forum, and try me best to find any soluntion online, but still couldn’t make it work.

The latest one I’ve found to have similar problems is this one: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/forum/t/rak-2245-rpi-4b-gateway-always-shows-disconnected/54736

It mentioned to to rewrite the server setting, I rewrote it, but unfortunately, still shows disconnected .

I’ve been stuck on this problem for weeks and it’s really frustrating. So any advice would be greatly appreciate!


Hello @ays_Ibs,

Does the gateway is connected to the Internet? If so, configure the channel plan via option 2:

After that choose to edit the packet-forwarder config:
And set the chosen TTN cluster address (in my case eu1.cloud.thethings.network)
Restart the packet-forwarder:
The gateway should connect to the TTN.

Hi @Martin, thanks for your reply.

Yes, the gateway is connected to the Internet:

I configured the packet-forwarder as you suggested to set the chosen TTN cluster address, but unfortunately, still disconnected to TTN:

When the gateway is connected to the Internet, I’ve also tried to ping But it didn’t reach to google IP (image below). Is this normal?

Here is the my TTN setting page, I select the AU915-928 frequency plan as I based in New Zealand:

Any advice would be greatly appreciate!

Thank you.

Hello @ays_Ibs,

Pinging google and not getting any response means the gateway has no Internet. How is the gateway connected to your network - WI-FI or Ethernet?

Hi @Martin,

When I scan devices that are connected to the same network as my computer, I can see Gateway (image below), that’s why I thought it was successfully connected to the internet:

If the picture does not indicate that the Gateway is connected to the network, what is the right way to connect to the Internet?
Or is it possible that the Gateway lacks a driver to connect to the network or send signals?

Thank you very much!

Hello @ays_Ibs,

Can you go to /etc and edit the dhcpcd.conf file. Scroll down to the bottom and commend the last three lines like this:

Then reboot the gateway and check if it connects to TTN.