RAK 2245's use?

I have recently bought RAK 2245 pi hat hoping to make data only hotspot for HNT.

I followed this instruction: Data Only Hotspot Setup with RAK Concentrator + Raspberry Pi | Helium Documentation

I can not make it work, however. I repeated it numerous times trying to have it work in no vail.

How can I make this device registered to the console as I can not assign either APP EUI nor APP KEY.
I have the device EUI but how could I input these other variables (APP EUI & APP KEY) to the device so that I have a matching pair with what console has them. They have to match in order for me to see the device on the console, no?

I would appreciate if you guys could help. Thank you very much.

Hei @cymatia ,

The Hotdspots does not register with the console, the console is only for registering nodes, which have APP EUIs APP KEYs and Device EUIs. The Hotspot has none of these parameters, thus you can’t find them.
Basically what the console displays is only end-nodes and data coming from them via the Hotspots, not the hotspots themselves. The only thing that you need to add is the hotspot to the blockchain, which is explained in the link at the end of the articles

This is not mandatory it will work and transfer data otherwise too, however it will not be visible on the map in helium explorer. Be advised the last step require payment.

Does this make sense, still confused about which device is registered where?


Mr. Yordanov

Thank you so very much for your kind reply.

I still haven’t got it to working yet though, but I thank you.

Get what to work the Hotspot or the Node?

I have a few questions and tried to summarize them in the jpg files. I would appreciate it if you can give me some assistance. Thank you so very much! (1 of 3)

Thank you so very much!

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