RAK 2270 Accelerometer reporting through Lorawan

Thanks for publishing the payload information for the RAK2270 on github and great, to have the RAK 2270 generic available. We are already successfully experimenting with the product (have connected it to TTN). One of our use case would require a packet to be send when the accelerometer detects movement. Currently it looks, like this is not possible with the standard sticker? Or is there a way to get the sticker to send a packet when moved?

Hi @aherberger ,

This feature will be included on the next firmware update. The accelerometer is already in the sticker so if you want to extend its feature based on the opensource firmware or based on your own custom development, it is very possible.

That sounds great and will expand the usage possibilities - we will wait and order new stickers when available and will use the ones we have here for another usecase/experiments.

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