RAK 2287 does not work on ROCK Pi 4 C+

Hello how are you? :grin:

I bought a RAK2287 USB with its mini-PCI adapter, to create a local lorawan server, and as a computer I am using a Rock Pi 4C+, it is very similar to RPI 4. (I bought this since there is a shortage of Raspberry py 4 at the level world). is running Ubuntu Server Focal.

Install the LoRaWAN Chirpstack server. But I can’t manage to install the RAK2287 USB hub drivers. I am following the RAK tutorial. (https://github.com/RAKWireless/rak_common_for_gateway) I clone the github file, but when installing it gives me the following error:

Failed to disable unit: Unit file hciuart.service does not exist

My question is that it is possible to install only the RAK2287 USB driver without the need to use the whole package. Since I have previously carried out this process with HAT Dragino PG1301 and it worked well.

Note: test on a rapberry Pi 400 and the installation and the RAK2287 hub with Chirpstack work fine.