RAK 3172 SIP Lora Ping pong stm32ide

Hi rakwireless,
I’m currently using the rak 3172 sip custom board and trying to run the Lora Ping Pong code on stm32IDE. With reference to the lowlevel development guide for Rak3172 breakout board, it addressed the changes to radio files. But these dont work for RAK3172-SIP
Could you please guide me with the required changes to get Lora Ping Pong working on RAK 3172 SIP?

Hi @nikhil ,

The IO pins of RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP for RF frontend and TCXO are different.

I haven’t tested yet the LoRa Ping Pong of STM32WL SDK but you can get the radio source files to be updated for RAK3172-SiP here.

Thank you for your message.
Do these files go in the Drivers/BSP/… folder or SubGHz_Phy_PingPong/SubGHz_Phy/Target folder? Alsp, am I still using the radio files in RAK_Low_Level_Development folder?

Hi @nikhil ,

You should use the file on the link above instead on the RAK_Low_Level_Development folder since it is only compatible to RAK3172 and not on the RAK3172-SiP.