Rak 4630 deep sleep current

I am using a custom board with a RAK 4630 and custom software using just LORA (not LORAWAN).
It is working fine. The board sleeps until it is woken by an interrupt from a LIS3DH accelerometer.
I am measuring 170uA while it is asleep.
Should I expect better than that?
Also, I find that the current consumption is almost identical whether I have Serial configured or not.

Hi Alan,
How is the LIS3DH connected and how do you setup the registers?

On the RAK1904 we found that because of the specific wiring of the pins, the current is quite high.
But we could lower it by using the following settings:

	// Set low power mode
	data_to_write = 0;
	myIMU.readRegister(&data_to_write, LIS3DH_CTRL_REG1);
	data_to_write |= 0x08;
	myIMU.writeRegister(LIS3DH_CTRL_REG1, data_to_write);
	data_to_write = 0;
	myIMU.readRegister(&data_to_write, 0x1E);
	data_to_write |= 0x90;
	myIMU.writeRegister(0x1E, data_to_write);

Sorry, I don’t remember anymore what the specific problem was, it had somehow to do with the SD0/SA0 and CS pins.
On the RAK1904 they are set like this:

Hi Bernd,
Thanks. That worked great!
Average current is now 45uA.
I think I’m happy with that.