RAK 5146 and RPi 4B

Does RAK 5146 work on the RPi 4b? In my opinion, it doesn’t work on this board. Am I right?

I just got the pihat and a 5146. it has not been smooth going. I had issues with the latest 64-bit pi OS Bookworm - lite, where the wifi AP would not work. So I re-flashed the card with the Bullseye Lite OS. and I installed the rak gateway software directly from the github repository. Now I have the AP working, but I can’t access the webui? Is there even a webui? The documentation is completely lacking on this whole setup.

as I understand it the 5146 is just an update on the previous lorawan modules, so it would seem that it would work with the pi.

but it is frustrating as the README just says “step7 : Now you can use “sudo gateway-config” to configure your gateway.” but gives no guidance on using the gateway config.

I don’t know if that is helpful at all. I am also seraching for more answers on how to get this working

update: I did find some more info on thethingsnetwork.org site
on accessing the gateway and using the gateway-config:

I am not the gateway expert here, but I used an RPi 4 and an older concentrator (from a RAK D0 :grin: ) and got everything to work with the RAKPiOS

  • Flashed the RAKPiOS directly to the SD card.
  • Used RAKPiOS integrated Docker & Portainer to install the UDP forwarder (supports nearly all RAK concentrators)
  • Setup TTS locally for testing

Finally, my RPi4 works with CS. To be honest, I don’t know what was the cause of the problem. I suspected GPS signal interference over my country because I saw the uplinks from “the future” having uplinks time far ahead.

Finally, I installed Bookworm OS on the RPi 4 I and downloaded the RAK5146 firmware. But before installation, I disabled CS installation because it comes with an older version 3.x. After installing the gateway bridge, I installed the latest CS by hand. I powered on my end node, and after the short sequence of joins, accepts, and downlinks, CS started to receive uplinks! Great! I love CS :slight_smile:

I spent two months fighting the problems with end nodes, gateways, RPis, etc., but I’m glad now. It works in simple words. I see new horizons for implementing things other than temperature or humidity. Now, I overload my sensors’ with measurements every 10 seconds. I will measure every few minutes in a standard “production” environment. I can predict how long my battery set will live in this environment. One of my sensors made over 30k measures, and still, it has a full battery. Very good information.

My sensors are based on the Lora E5 Mini.

CS OS is interesting because it’s a Docler-like solution, but it’s very poor with management. Having a full RPi OS is more manageable than this. So, I will prefer this solution in the next, future CS gateways bridges.

And the most important thing. My gateway works with SSD disk instead SD card :slight_smile: