RAK 5202 settings to only send whilst moving?

G’day everyone, I have a RAK5205 and had no issues setting up and running on ttn. My question is in relation to getting it to only send when movement is detected through the accelerometer. Is this possible? I can’t see any such setting through the AT commands. I can set the time interval between uplinks, but that’s about it as far as settings.
I would like it to wake up on movement, and then send at the set interval. When no movement is detected, it goes back to sleep until more movement is detected.

Hello Andy,

As far as I know you cannot change this behaviour in the standard firmware of the RAK5205, you will have to use a custom firmware. We have an example source code on Github RUI V2 best practices that can be compiled with our RUI V2 Online Compiler and flashed to the RAK5205 with our DFU tool

The RAK5205 is EOL, you might want to check our successor, the RAK10700 GNSS Location Tracker. It’s firmware is complete open source and you can find it in our Github LPWAN Tracker repo.

Thanks for the reply @beegee, I expected as much, I have had it sitting in my office for ages and I hadn’t done anything with it. Might just add external antenna, set tx interval to 60sec or so and use it for signal mapping.
I’ll check out the 10700, and was also interersted in the 10701 but it seems to have disappeared.
On a side note (not sure if it’s worthy of a new post), I’m looking for a solution to the no so weatherproof RAK7431. I have purchased a number of these, and am having to purchase another larger enclosure to house them. Would RAK consider producing a more weatherproof option? I’m aware of teh TP8485E, but worry that my coding skills aren’t up to scratch for a full deployment to clients.

The RAK10701 is not yet ready. Launch will be some time in October. It is not a tracker, it is a field tester to check coverage of areas by gateways/Helium hotspots.

For the RAK7431, that is a product I am not responsible for. It might fit into our Unify Enclosure 150 x 100 x 45 mm.

Great, thanks for the info @beegee, much appreciated yet again.