Rak 7205 (w/ Solar) not showing all values

Hi All,

First of all, I hope you are all well in times of Covid-19. Second, my name is Robert and writing this post out of The Netherlands.

My query is about the Rak 7205 w/ Solar with Bosch BME680 sensor integrated.

It’s working for me in TheOpenThingsNetwork and with the Cayenne integration but not all values show up. Also what are the analog_4 & 8 values and where is _9?

The payload it sends to ttn / cayenne is:

“accelerometer_3”: {
“x”: 0.08,
“y”: -1.076,
“z”: 0.022
“analog_in_4”: 1.26,
“analog_in_8”: 3.63,
“barometric_pressure_6”: 995.9,
“gps_1”: {
“altitude”: 10,
“latitude”: xx.xxxx,
“longitude”: x.xxxx,
“relative_humidity_7”: 46.5,
“temperature_2”: 21.8

I appreciate your assistance.


Hi @rjwelling,
First of all, are you using the latest firmware?

Well, analog_in_4 is the value of your gas resistance sensor and analog_in_8 is the battery voltage.
What are you waiting to see in analog_in_9?

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for the reply, thanks for clarifying Analog_4 & 8.
Analog_9 is a value I was expecting from the documentation.

Under figure 73 you’ll find a note stating that: The second one on channel 9 is the AQI (Air Quality Index). The user needs to edit the names and choose an appropriate UI representation by hand.

I bought this device just for this value.

Last, let me check the firmware version.


Well the IAQ(Index of Air Quality) is not given, because the calculation that gives this index cause too much power consummation, and the node won’t be able to sleep properly. You can read more about this here.
What you can do is to put an addition to your decoder that will calculate the IAQ shown on this post and you will be able to see it in the decoded payload.
Thanks to that you noted and we will change the documentation and the info in the store to make this clear to future customers.

Best regards

running firmware