RAK 7240 does not allow to select the region US915

I am trying to configure the gateway for the 915 MHz region, but only EU863-870, IN865-867, RU864-870 appear in the dropdown.
I have updated to the latest firmware version 1.3.3, but I cannot configure it

It would be very helpful if someone knows how to solve it.

Welcome back @d4n1

There are three hardware versions for the RAK7240

  • High frequency version for US915, KR920, AU915 and AS923
  • Medium frequency version for EU868, IN865 and RU864
  • Low frequency version for CN470 and EU433

As the hardware is different, a gateway for the EU868, IN865 and RU864 regions cannot be used for US915, …

You need to select the frequency when you buy the gateway:

Ok I understand, thank you very much for the answer, I thought it was a firmware bug, because on the gateway label it did not put any specification of the frequency, but I understand

I have another question, can I change only the LoRa concentrator, RAK2247, RAK2287 with the right frequency, and would it detect the high frequency?, could there be a problem with this?

Hi @d4n1 no, you can not change the concentrator. The concentrator band is hardcoded in the gateway in the manufacturing process. If you bought a gateway with the wrong band, please reach us at [email protected] to check if we can help you.