RAK 7243 time stamp invalid

My Rak 7243 868 Mhz gateway has few issues and iam unable to setup
1)do not show a time stamp ( invalid date ) on the gateway tab
2) it do not connect and sent packets to my digital ocean loraserver when i setup my server IP as u have mentioned.
Could you please assist in the following?
1)what is the way to fix this?
2)what are the things to be installed in pi as well as in server side so that it will work
3) i have used the image for no-LTE for RAK 7243

Hi @kausan,

A couple of questions so we can better assist you:

  1. No timestamp on the Gateway tab. What gateway tab? As far as I know there is not graphical interface that comes with the RAK7243, thus no tabs of any sort. Could you please explain the Gateway tab in what exactly ?
  2. What is the port are you using for the server IP?
  3. Are you sure you have configured LoRa Server properly. Created Gateway Profile, Device profile, Aplication, Gateways, Devices, etc.
    You said you are not sending packets. Well what are you doing in order to send packets. Do you have a node, what is the node, what mode is it working in etc.
    Please explain your setup in as much detail as possible.


Hi @kausan,
The latest raspbian based image from RAK website includes LoRaServer. What is the configuration you set from gateway-config?


Hi, @kausan

Can i assume that your RAK7243 is no LTE and you have download the latest firmware from RAK website: https://www.rakwireless.com/en/download/LoRa/Pilot-Gateway-Pro-RAK7243#Firmware, then use it on your RAK7243 according to my document: http://docs.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/Pilot-Gateway-Pro-RAK7243/Application-Notes/Get_Start_with_RAK7243_without_LTE_LoRa_Gateway.pdf, right?

If it is, i think you can use the built-in loraserver to test firstly, or use my cloud loraserver to test. I am sure that it will work fine.
About time stamp, do you have connect your RAK7243 with Internet? RAK7243 will get the correct time through NTP automatically when it connect with Internet or a local NTP server.

thanks it started working…
Issue was related to the image i have used