RAK 7249 can't see second concentrator

I have a RAK 4240 (which is the main board of the RAK 7249), set up on 8-channels and on freq AU915. It is installed and working. I have a second RAK 2247 which I inserted into the vacant, what-would-be, concentrator-1 PCIe slot. The power LED lights up. However, the gateway setup screen does not see the new concentrator-1. I have swapped 2247s but still only get concentrator-0. I removed concentrator-0’s 2247. TTN sees the gateway, but no traffic flows. The 2247 in concentrator-1 slot power LED comes on, but the Rx LED does not light at all. I am using firmware version 1.1.0062_Release_r202 which I have re-installed.

I have had great help from Vladislav, but were baffled.

Can anyone shed light on the problem, please. Thank you

Harry Tao has advised me that the second RAK2245 beside the RAK634 should be a USB interface, not SPI.

Could you take a screenshot of this page in WEB consle

If the model is shown as RAK7249, you can find a button named “Add LoRa Concentrator” here:

Click it and save & apply. The second concentrator will work if the interface of the second RAK2247 is USB (the physical interface is PCIe).
You can get the interface type of RAK2247 from its label.

Hi Yutao

Thank you for your reply. Here is the first screen shot. You can see it is a RAK7249.

And here is the “add Lora concentrator” screen. You can see that the button doesn’t appear at the bottom.

If I switch to standard mode, I still don’t get the add button –

Attached are two pics of the installed RAK 2247’s. You can see that they are both SPI. So given your reply, 16-channels won’t work until I replace the second one with a USB interface.

However, having said that the 3rd pic attached shows a RAK 4240 (not mine) with 2 SPI RAK 2247s and it works on 16 channels.

However, I appreciate your reply and I have ordered a USB interface 2247. Thank you.

Emm. The second RAK2247 is SPI interface. So it can not work.
But it’s strange that your gateway does not have the “Add LoRa Concentrator” button.
If possible, I want to connect to your gateway remotely through Openvpn.
Pls send a email to me. Thank you.
[email protected]