Rak 7249 not working outdoor - cold weather?


I have a Rak 7249 DIY Gateway and I have been having some issue setting it up outside at a roof of 7 floor building. The equipment work fine in the lab at room temperature 21° to 24° C. However when I install the set-up outside the gateway is not working properly and the temperature varies from -4° to 8° C. The gateway works on two times but just for a few minutes (2-5 minutes).I have the POE set-up outside as well may this be the issue?I don’t have anyway to set it up inside. I am only running power through the POE and connecting the gateway using WiFi.

Some things I have tried

  • use the POE devices while it is inside my fridge (works fine at -2°c)
  • asked maintenance guy from my university to change the power outlet (issue still persist)
  • move one floor down from the roof where I am trying to jsntall the gateway (works fine)
  • test it ouside ( not at high altitudev- without wind) and works fine.

What the PoE working temperature? I know the gateway should work on temperatures as low as -30 °c.

Any suggestions, recommendation? I have to have this gateway running by the end of the month to be able to make progress on my Thesis.

Thank for the help. If more details are needed just let me know.

Hi Enrique,

Just for your information,

I’m currently using a RAK7249 over POE in a winter time season(Canada, Quebec), and after snow storms and minus -25, the GW still running without any problem since last October.

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Hi @ejsanche
You have to double check the power (PoE, cables etc.) The Gateway work fines in such conditions. I am based in Bulgaria, Europe, and here we have RAK7249 working for 6-8 months outside. Winter here was soft - 15 -20 , Gatewaty works fine.
What you mean by PoE setup outside? The PoE that comes with the Gateway is not made for working otside!

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What is the length of your LAN cable.
I suggest checking the LAN cable, if there is a problem of cable, such as the resistor of cable is bigger than normal, the gateway may drop power when working.


I just saw this thread and was wondering:
Is there any way to read board or MCU or LTE modem or concentrator temperature via SSH on the RAK 7249?
Thanks in advance!