RAK 7249 unable to resolve RFC 1918 IP space

We’ve been running a 7249 for some time on the TTN network. We just stood up our own chirpstack server so we can run an in-house lorawan network. As a test I went to move our 7249 off of TTN and onto our chirpstack server. What I found is that it seems that the 7249 will not resolve any IP address if it is a private IP address. Since our chirpstack server is hosted on 10net IP address this poses a real problem for us. Is there a fix to this?

Looks like I was able to resolve this on my own. Despite having entered my custom DNS servers within the GUI, it doesn’t seem like it was using them. I was able to ssh into the device and adjust the resolv.conf file. Now, I’m waiting to see if my gateway will show up in chirpstack.