Rak 7258 AP disappears if wifi connection is lost


On my 7258 gateway I’ve enabled the wifi connection to my local network and enabled the gateway access point. If the gateway can connect to the local network, the access point is available and works fine. However, when the wifi connection cannot be established, the access point disappears, making it impossible for me to change the setting. For a single typo the gateway has to be reset to factory settings. Is there a solution to this problem?



Try connecting the Ethernet

Or get a serial cable, 57600 baud. The external jack is RS232 levels on an RJ45, the but there are internal pins to the left of the processor that will take 3v3 signal like from an adapter you’d use with an Arduino. You’ll need to look up openwrt UCI commands, see for example the Mediatek Linkit Smart documentation.

Ok thanks. Is there any explanation on why the access point disappears if the other connection fails? Is there a way to fix this?

We would like to enable users with limited gateway knowledge to enter their wifi credentials. If they make a mistake I would like them to have access to the gateway without using a serial cable.

My recollection from working on an MT76x8 project a couple of years back was that in Mediatek’s builds for their platform things would revert to AP mode if the requested wifi network could not be joined after some amount of time. Had not realized that was not the case here, but then I never tried to put it on wifi at all.

There aren’t really good answers for wifi setup, especially for a product with no real physical UI. We used some color combinations of an indicator LED to to indicate that joining the requested network had failed and the product was back in setup mode, but wifi setup tends to be a weak point in almost every product that requires it.