RAK 7258 GitHub Link


On page 13 of the "Connecting RAKwireless Commercial Gateways to the Cloud AWS + ChirpStack Version V1.0 | October, 2019: Guide it references this GitHub repository:
Next, we clone the RAKwireless Ubuntu ChirpStack repository:
git clone https://github.com/RAKWireless/install_ChirpStack_on_ubuntu.git
Which does not seem to exist any longer? Does anyone have an updated repository link?
This is for the RAK7258 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway.
Thank you in advance for any guidance!

It was a little unclear what you were asking.

In terms of running Chirpstack internally on the gateway:

RAK 7258 is an MT7628 system running OpenWRT, not Ubuntu.

AFAIK it ships with Chirpstack as part of the factory system image and probably built at the same time as the system image along with necessary dependencies, rather than added later.

Perhaps there is some confusion between this and the various gateways based on Raspberry Pi’s and thus running more conventional Debian-derived Linux distros?

In terms of running Chirpstack externally in the cloud:

If you are trying to run an external Chirpstack on your own cloud server, you might simply get it from Chirpstack’s site, and may want to use the support resources there.

Hi …thank you for the quick response. I’m am pretty new to LoRaWan and just trying to set up a lab for familiarization. Is there an OpenWRT equivalent? I suspect I started reading the wrong guide.

For a one-gateway demo system you can use the RAK7258 all by itself as it comes with an on-board network server which is indeed derived from Chirpstack. That’s a reasonable way to get some familiarity with concepts and should simply work by making the right choices in the boxe’s web configuration tool, but it does not scale.

A more conventional LoRaWAN network has multiple gateways feeding into the same network server running the cloud. That might be either a public network server like TTN, or something like Chirpstack - either an instance hosted by someone else, or one that you set up.

This is incredibly helpful. Thank you! This is a small network but don’t want the gateway to run all the functions. We do want to network server in an AWS or GCP instance. Now that you have set me on the right path I’m should be in good shape.

Thank again!