RAK 7258 Tutorials

Received my RAK 7258 and reviewed docs but sure could use a tutorial and sample application. I want to use the built in lora server,mqtt, and thingspeak. Most tutorials use ttn but I am using 433 mhz. Thanks.

Hi @deltadesigntech,

Can you be a little more specific, what do you envision as an useful tutorial?
Sample application of what doing what ?
There is already a document explaining how to configure the built-in LoRa Server and the MQTT Bridge.
Thingspeak might be a good idea to investigate, I agree.
What does using 433MHz have to do with anything, it is not related to the rest of the configuration.


Hi,thanks for the quick response,

I am a newby to lora. Here is a sample tutorial.

As i understand it, 433 is not compatible with ttn. I think I would rather set up a local server anyway, just trying to gather as much knowledge as possible before diving in.

Hi @deltadesigntech,

There is a built in server in the RAKwireless Gateway products
For instructions refer to the doc:
Industrial Gateways:

We are working on a guide for connecting to a separately hosted LoRaServer, it should be done by the end of the week.


Great, thankyou
Rob Fisher

Hiā€¦has anyone tried to place this gateway inside the IP67 box that RAK also sells? I just bought the two devices together with an antenna for 915 MHz frequency and I have decided to place the card of this gateway inside the outdoor box and place the external antenna of 5.8 dBi for greater range.