Rak 7258 - Understanding Gateway Logs - For Node-Red

Hey All,
I am trying to develop a Node-Red flow to collect syslog UDP packets from my RAK 7258.

I am seeing various parameters and values, I wonder if anyone can explain what they mean?:

  1. uplinkTqByAirtime : dr = 5, timeonair = 46, tm = 1609143698

  2. uplinkTqByPkt : dr = 5, tm = 1609143698

  3. ChanBusyByAirtime chan 6, timeonair = 46, tm = 1609143698

  4. host/sx1301 time offset=(1609141141s:538091µs) - drift=-64µs

  5. CRC_OK: 0.00, CRC_FAIL: 0.00, NO_CRC: 0.00

OK, So I can guess on a few of these, Number 5?..This seems to be some kind of percentage of packets where CRC is OK or not…

Also If tm = 1609143698 is the total airtime for this channel… how is this reset to zero?

Cheers All

These are distinct messages with a lot of different purposes, and you’re somehow seeing them stripped of their source header.

It’s realistically likely not worth trying to process all of these.

If you want to spend some time studying the logs from a full view (eg, ssh in and run logread) you can then look into the source of each and think about what would be useful.

Typically the time when logs are interesting is when you are trying to debug a failure, and in that case you want to see all of the logs in their relative context.

Thanks Chris,
Im developing for a Chirpstack lab/test system and looking for all the data I can get to establish trends and the effects of loading the gateway with traffic.
Yes, I stripped them to show the parts I would like to learn more about.
Also my Node-Red flow needs to strip out the headers to get to the data I am interested in.
Pretty much all the other metrics I need come from Chirpstack/MQTT to Node-Red: like rssi, snr etc.


The place you want to look for that is in the data feed out of Chirpstack more than the logs

If you want to, you can also subscribe to the topic on the internal MQTT which carries the raw signal reports from the gateway components to the Chirpstack server component.