Rak 7268 data consumption in LTE mode


we have deployed a RAK 7268 in LTE mode with 3 temperature sensors communicating every 10 minutes with our MQTT serveur. Average data message of each sensor is less than 1KB so in total we were expecting something like 3x6x24 = 432 messages of less than 1KB.

Now we see data consumption of 5MB, we were expecting maximum 1MB (or less)

Is it normal ?
where can we find logs to have detail of LTE data consumption?
is there a good way to evaluate “real” data consumption ?
is there a way to minimize this ?

thanks for your support

in addition, we have x3 data comsumption on saturday even if we have receive exactly same number of messages…
No idea what additional was sent and where… maybe some statistics ? other ?

I am in the same situation, my gateway 7268C is consumed each hour about 280 kb but suddenly a huge consumption of data appears when I am receiving the same number of messages on my Network Server and I don’t understand why