RAK 7289C Chirpstack V4

Hi, we have several 7289C gateways and are migrating from Chirpstack V3 to Chirpstack V4.
The current firmware on the gateway is WisGateOS_V1.3.8.zip (latest).
There is no configuration option for Chirpstack V4 only V3 in the drop down option of the firmware. Can you please let me know how to adopt the gateway so it is compatible with V4.
This is a critical item for us. We not only use your Gateways we also use your PCIe concentrators.
see the error below
failed to decode Protobuf message: GatewayStats.rx_packets_per_modulation: invalid wire type: StartGroup (expected LengthDelimited) region_id=au915_1 topic=au915_1/gateway/XXXXXXXXXXX/event/stats qos=AtMostOnce
This is a good explanation of the problem.

There are many installations of Chirpstack in commercial environments that need a simple solution for this problem. Please advise a recommended option to get the gateway working on Chirpstack 4. Thank you