RAK 7391 - Unable to access the wisgateOS2 (


Unable to connect wisgateos in RAK 7391 ver.c device.
i flash rakpios then integrate with RAK5146 Lora module, but i failed to access.
Kindly help.

My agenda receive and transmitting LoRa data by using RAK 7391 device.

Hi @niznaga
The RAKPiOS comes with SSH access enabled by default and DHCP client, so it should get an IP from the router it is connected to via Ethernet cable.
You have to first know the IP of the device (if you bought it with an indoors enclosure you should be able to check it in the OLED display) otherwise you should check your router to see what IP it assigned to the device.
Once you have the IP you login via SSH (native from MacOS or Linux, or using Putty from Windows) using the username rak and password changeme (change the password for security).

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Any other “default” paswords as I have a new gateway and unable to login with this or any other normal defaults !

I had to reflash with rakpios to get access to my box

Hi, sorry I didn’t see your previous message.
You might have noticed the OS forces you to change the password on the first login. So the rak / changeme only works once, after that you should use the password you defined on the first login.

I am unable to access the WisGate OS on my RAK7391 device. The objective is to facilitate the reception and transmission of LoRa data, but despite thorough hardware checks and configuration verification, successful communication remains elusive. I’ve double-checked configuration settings, ensured firmware compatibility, and inspected hardware connections and power supply.

Hi @ZacharyAyden, RAK7391 does not ship with WisGateOS, but with RAKPiOS which is a version of Raspberry Pi OS. Please follow the documentation on how to set up your device here: RAK7391 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

I’m unable to connect WisGate OS, hindering my agenda of receiving and transmitting LoRa data. I’ve carefully checked hardware connections, ensured WisGate OS is correctly configured, and updated both RAKPios and RAK5146 firmware to the latest versions. I’ve also monitored the serial output for any error messages during startup.

Firstly you wouldn’t be able to access the WisGateOS as it is not running on RAK7391, it is for WisGateEdge series and the gateway RAK7391 is not from these series.
Here is a guide for how to set up and connect to RAK7391, please follow it: RAK7391 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center