RAK 7391 - Unable to access the wisgateOS2 (


Unable to connect wisgateos in RAK 7391 ver.c device.
i flash rakpios then integrate with RAK5146 Lora module, but i failed to access.
Kindly help.

My agenda receive and transmitting LoRa data by using RAK 7391 device.

Hi @niznaga
The RAKPiOS comes with SSH access enabled by default and DHCP client, so it should get an IP from the router it is connected to via Ethernet cable.
You have to first know the IP of the device (if you bought it with an indoors enclosure you should be able to check it in the OLED display) otherwise you should check your router to see what IP it assigned to the device.
Once you have the IP you login via SSH (native from MacOS or Linux, or using Putty from Windows) using the username rak and password changeme (change the password for security).

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