RAK 811 Tracker Node


I am looking Data format for RAK 811 Tracker node.



I think 811 Tracker node is different than 5205. 811 do not have LIS3DH sensor and BME680 sensor.
This is not much helpful.


Hi @iotvigyan
As it is based on RAK811 it is basically the same. It has LIS3DH sensor! Source code and manuals can be found here RAK Git .

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I am using Lora server open source and configuring RAK811 for Cayenne LLP, I am unable to get GPS information in packet. So I am looking decoder script or Data format to create custom script.

Joy !!

Which firmware you use? LPP sends GPS data on fport 1 by default. Pls share screen of payload data and fports. I think i have one on my shelf :slight_smile: i will check this latter.

Hi, I am able to observed the latitude and longitude in fPort=2 . Now I am trying to get this data to be displayed on Grafana Worldmap ?
My db is looking as below:

But I am unable to see any point on MAP !!

Please help.

Hi @iotvigyan,

What DB are you using? Can you share the custom encoder/decoder you are using?


It is influxdb and I m using Cayenne LPP in Loraserver.io deployment.